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Our story begins with a mother's story, who in 2012, courageously shared the harrowing ordeal her youngest daughter and her family went through when they discovered that their baby was being trafficked. 

They were your typical middle-class family with both parents in the home working in flourishing careers still raising their teenage and young adult children and living a good life.


But how could this happen right under their noses? Right under our noses? 

The fact that human trafficking was happening in a quiet suburb of Las Vegas was unconscionable, inconceivable, unfathomable, and quite utterly shocking. 


How was this even possible?!

As she began recounting the timeline of events that led up to their discovery of their daughter being sold online to recalling flashing moments and red flags that indicated something much deeper was going on with her daughter (which only now popped up because of hindsight), we sat there quietly troubled and deeply concerned - wondering how had we - the community - let her daughter down. 


How and why is human trafficking not on the front page of every news outlet trying to save our sons and daughters, our nieces and nephews, our neighbors, and friends?

Where was the outrage?

Where was the cry to save our children from this scourge that is destroying families, ravaging young people's innocence, their souls, their bodies, inflicting lifelong trauma?

We had to do something.

We could not just sit idly by waiting for someone else to sound the alarm on human trafficking that was still wreaking havoc in the lives of children and their families. 

So we got busy and in a matter of months produced a documentary called Surviving Sin City in 2013. 


From that point on, we've been on a mission to make education our main focus and objective for the prevention of children being vulnerable to and protecting them from human trafficking.

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Truth and justice

Service beyond self

A commitment to excellence and community

A comprehensive viewpoint 

A respect for human rights

Responsible stewardship

Not sure where to start?

Here are our top 3 recommendations to jump start your journey:

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