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Contribute your Time & Skills

We are currently seeking compassionate and energetic interns who would like to be involved with our on-going projects in the Las Vegas area.


Our internship program will provide a unique opportunity to collaborate with local leaders, various community organizations, and our amazing NHFI staff to raise awareness and bring positive change to the issue of human trafficking.

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Heart for Justice

Desire to bring a voice to the voiceless?

If you have the heart to bring justice to those who have no voice and compassion for the victims of unfair treatment, then we encourage you to bring your skills to help contribute to a cause for the greater community.


In the process, you will undoubtedly expand your knowledge of social justice issues and strengthen your confidence to stand up to address the problems that we face in our modern world.


At NHFI, we believe that interns can gain the tools they need to make a lasting impact on abolishing human trafficking.

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Internship Details


The internship positions we offer are flexible and sometimes end up blending into one another, offering a more informal approach for prospective interns. 


Internship positions are unpaid and include both part-time and full-time positions.


All interns will engage in similar foundational activities in order to build their knowledge of our major campaign issues and to develop their communication/networking skills. These activities will include: canvassing, delivering presentations, one-on-one discussions, and others.  

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Internship Positions

We have three exciting positions that will give interns a valuable opportunity to develop professional-level skills.

Marketing & Social Media

Show off your social media and marketing skills by helping us strengthen our presence and grow our following.  Collaborate with us on campaign initiatives, awareness ideas, and more. If this sounds like the position for you, click below to learn more.

Design & Multimedia

Have a knack at visual design and multimedia? Then this position is for you! Contribute your talents and skills to support ongoing multimedia projects and awareness campaigns. If this sounds like you, then click below to learn more.


If you love to dive deep into research and go down rabbit holes during your digging, then this position is perfect for you! Contribute to blog posts, social media posts, and more with this position. Click below to learn more.

Intern Positions
New Hope Foundation International
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