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When you

know better,


do better.

- Maya Angelou

Sharing is


We've all heard it before, but this old school term still rings true today. Sharing what you know not only benefits another, but it benefits you too! You get to expand whom you are by creating greater connection, a deeper understanding of what you've bestowed, and possibly save a life!

Sharing is

Protect your community and prevent the spread of human trafficking by grabbing this bundle of poster designs, plus info tip sheets free for you to print and distribute to businesses, institutions, and organizations in your community.


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Sharing is


Watch and share this videos to empower those around you.

Sharing is Creating a


Harness the power of your voice, social media, and turn it into a movement to liberate the lives of those still enslaved today. Consider going on a 7-day fast for victims of trafficking. Or challenge yourself to pray/meditate for victims of trafficking for 21-days. Then document your entire experience on your social media, tagging your posts using #SLAVERYMUSTDIE.


New Hope Foundation International
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