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Based on your responses, the type of Freedom Fighter you are is:


You are a natural caregiver!


You are compassionate, generous, and empathetic. 

You desire to protect and care for others by helping others as your mission.


The motto that rings most true to you is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

You are all about doing things for others and focusing your attention on other people and not yourself.

Because you put sincere relationships before anything else, this can sometimes lead to martyrdom and being taken advantage of. 

But when you are truly in your element and it’s being positively reciprocated, you make people feel loved, taken care of, safe, and secure.  You are also known as the parent, helper, supporter, and advocate.

Where you are NEEDED

Your SUPERPOWERS are needed in the area of RESTORATION, where your stability, empathy, compassion, and kindness are greatly needed in investing and positively influencing survivors of human trafficking.

As an ADVOCATE, your gifts are best suited for working with minors and adults in:

  • Aftercare - mentoring, drop-in centers, therapy, life skill classes, etc.

  • Social Worker

  • Safe homes

  • Emergency housing

  • Outreach to connect with victims and provide services and resources

Remember, you are just one piece of the puzzle.

You should work closely with those in REINTEGRATION & INTERVENTION ASSISTANCE.

Take a look at the other three Freedom Fighter types that are involved in the fight against human trafficking and how you can benefit each other by working together towards a greater future.

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What ignites your SUPERPOWERS and how you can connect it to fighting human trafficking...

You enjoy building up another person’s self-esteem, helping them put their lives back together in such a loving and caring genuine way, which is exactly what survivors need at the beginning of the journey toward restoration!       Your compassion, generosity, and thoughtful heart are automatically sparked once you meet a survivor that you can’t but help to protect and care for them.       You are naturally focused on serving others loyally, which is exactly what survivors need as they step into healing - they need someone who is devoted, and empathetic, kind, and compassionate - someone who has their back at all times!

Your NEXT STEP would be...

Volunteer at a local nonprofit organization, drop-in center, a housing facility for survivors, and/or gain the training, licensing, or certification needed to develop the skills necessary to help survivors in this stage of their journey.

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