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Based on your responses, the type of Freedom Fighter you are is:


You are a natural enthusiast!


You are enthusiastic with a willingness to sacrifice yourself for others. 

You are both action-oriented and relationship-oriented, which makes it no wonder that everything you do comes from the heart and that you love being in a relationship with people, your work, and your surroundings.  In essence, you love to help people connect to their desires and their heart. 

Your openness and willingness to be vulnerable play well with your desire to be warm and faithful with every experience.

  However, your fear of rejection may impede your ability to focus on your relationships.  You also have an apprehension of being stuck in a situation that you are not passionate about. 

That being said, don’t ever let your talent of passion, gratitude, appreciation, and commitment dim your light!

Where you are NEEDED

Your SUPERPOWERS are needed in the area of REINTEGRATION, where you will enjoy partnering with a survivor as they begin to independently reorient themselves in the world.

As a CONFIDANT, your gifts are best suited for working with minors and adults in:

  • Transitional housing

  • Mentoring

  • Survivor Support Group

Remember, you are just one piece of the puzzle.

You should work closely with those in RESTORATION & PREVENTION.

Take a look at the other three Freedom Fighter types that are involved in the fight against human trafficking and how you can benefit each other by working together towards a greater future.

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What ignites your SUPERPOWERS and how you can connect it to fighting human trafficking...

Your warm and affectionate nature is perfect for coming alongside a survivor on her journey towards thriving self-sufficiency.      Your inherent willingness to sacrifice for others is exactly whom survivors need on their team when moving forward back into society.      Your desire to be in relationship with people and natural enthusiasm matches perfectly with working closely with survivors who need a passionate and committed cheerleader by their side.

Your NEXT STEP would be...

Gain services, tools, and resources to help survivors move forward and volunteer with a reintegration focused organization.

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New Hope Foundation International
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