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Based on your responses, the type of Freedom Fighter you are is:


You are a natural teacher/expert!


You value truth and seek the truth.

You desire to understand the world and teach others what you know. 

The motto that rings true for you is “The truth will set you free.”


Your strength in being reliable and predictable coupled with your intelligence and wisdom makes others you impress upon feel that they now understand and are a bit wiser and “in the know.” 

However, be cautious that your fears of feeling ignorant or disconnected lead you down a spiraling path of researching endlessly and studying the details forever that you never act or become overwhelmingly passive.  For “knowledge is not power” in and of itself.  It is applied knowledge that leads to power. 

Once it is clear to you that you know enough and feel thoroughly equipped to share what you know, then it is your duty to share your knowledge to inform and inspire others.

Where you are NEEDED

Your SUPERPOWERS are needed in the area of PREVENTION, where your desire to impart your wisdom and knowledge to help thwart the threat of human trafficking of our children and keep them safe is what lights you up.

As a DEFENDER, your gifts are best suited for working with minors and adults in:

  • Training parents, educators, those that work with youth and youth themselves in areas related to trafficking, like online safety, pornography, and parenting, etc.

  • Educating about the demand and getting people to take action in fighting the culture of demand

  • Getting involved in your school district to create awareness assemblies or teach prevention curriculum in the classrooms

  • Creating Awareness Events to open people’s eyes and then call them to ACTION

  • Joining a local task force and getting involved with their preventive measures

  • Working with foster care reform initiatives

  • Mentoring at-risk youth

  • Advocacy/Activism – sounding the alarm on this issue

Remember, you are just one piece of the puzzle.

You should work closely with those in RESTORATION & INTERVENTION ASSISTANCE.

Take a look at the other three Freedom Fighter types that are involved in the fight against human trafficking and how you can benefit each other by working together towards a greater future.

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What ignites your SUPERPOWERS and how you can connect it to fighting human trafficking...

You recognize the value in truth and knowledge and have the longing to convey your pearls to those whose lives you can change forever.       You prioritize quality and dependability, which aids in your ability to filter out credible sources and great information from those that are useless fluff and are known for that! People trust that what they hear from you and depend on the valuable information that you give.       You are down-to-earth and deliver your expertise with such ease that people do not feel any pressure to receive and understand the information you disclose.

Your NEXT STEP would be...

Educate yourself in an area that speaks to you and then bring that knowledge to those who need to hear it most, so as to mobilize people to take action.

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