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Based on your responses, the type of Freedom Fighter you are is:


You are a natural hero/heroine!


You are thick-skinned with a soft heart and a no-fuss personality that doesn't back down from a challenge.  You are action- and results-oriented, always striving to reach the end goal, where you can fulfill your potential and expertise to make a positive impact in the world.

For you, the motto that rings true is "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Because you secretly desire to prove your worth through courageous acts, you fear that any visible sign of weakness or vulnerability may void your innate talents or courage and competence.  But with your gumption and strategy to always remain determined and tenacious, your only challenge will be taming the insatiable need to always fight the next battle.

Where you are NEEDED

Your SUPERPOWERS are needed in the area of INTERVENTION ASSISTANCE, where you need to think quickly on your feet and immediately problem-solve to help remove an individual from their victimized situation.

As an INTERCEPTOR, your gifts are best suited for working with minors and adults in:

  • Non-profits working in advocacy and/or crisis response as a victim advocate

  • Government agencies working in advocacy (i.e. District Attorney's Victim Advocate, FBI Victim Specialist)

  • Policy/Legal Services (i.e. immigration, parental rights, etc.)

  • Lobbying for better laws

  • Fire and Rescue

  • Survivor Leader

Remember, you are just one piece of the puzzle.

You should work closely with those in RESTORATION & PREVENTION.

Take a look at the other three Freedom Fighter types that are involved in the fight against human trafficking and how you can benefit each other by working together towards a greater future.

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What ignites your SUPERPOWERS and how you can connect it to fighting human trafficking...

Your decisiveness and insistent desire to always fight the next battle and win!    The challenge to prove that your strength and expertise can improve the world...for the better.    The threat of human trafficking itself is more than ample reason to get into the ring and use your talents and skillsets to fight.

Your NEXT STEP would be...

Volunteer at a local crisis response center or task force and get trained up to conquer the fight!

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New Hope Foundation International
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